Here’s what students, teachers and librarians at one school in Austin had to say about Kate James: Portrait of a Texas Pioneer:

4th Grade teacher: We are just about to begin our Texas History studies. Thank you for giving our students such a great reference point for the Pioneer years!

4th Grade student (boy): Miss? That was just WONDERFUL.

4th Grade student (girl): Were you really there? You made it seem so real.

Librarian: Your show is such a special look at an important time in our state's history.

Mrs. Kate James, 1851-1931
Peyton Hayslip performing for 4th graders in Round Rock, Tx.
Peyton performing Kate James: Portrait of a Texas Pioneer for the 4th graders at
Old Town Elementary in Round Rock, TX.
Mrs. Kate James, 1851-1931
Peyton Hayslip appearing as Kate James.
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Excerpts from Kate James: Portrait of a Texas Pioneer:

"In November 1855, my father, R. D. Jones, arrived in Dallas County, Texas from Tennessee, having left there in September driving through in a covered wagon drawn by two horses. With him came his wife Martha Eliza (King) Jones and nine children, four boys and five girls. Two sons were born after they came. Although I was not quite four years old at that time I remember our old home and many things that happened on that long journey."

"Our first impressions of Texas were the vastness of the prairies and the long range of vision. It seemed we could see where the sky and earth met. It was so different from the home we had left which was surrounded by hills and towering pines. Another thing was the great quantity of winter grapes and blackhaws that grew along a stream which I suppose was Spring Creek. What a feast it was to us children!"               ~Mrs. Kate James

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Mrs. Kate James 1851-1931 
Kate James: Portrait of a Texas Pioneer
(For older children and adults.)
Based on the diaries of her great-great-great grandmother, Kate James, Peyton Hayslip humorously and informatively reveals life on the frontier as a settler in Texas in 1855.  Texas history comes to life as students experience a time when dinner was grown or trapped, clothes made from scratch, a 12 mile trip took all day, and the nation fought a horrendous civil war.  This production is perfect for Texas History studies as it helps meet the Texas History Curriculum guidelines in a creative, fun way.  It's also perfect for Museums as a slice of living history, and for Women's studies as it addresses the role of women during a pivitol time in our country's history, 1851-1931.
Approximately 45 minutes long.
Peyton Hayslip portrays her
great-great-great grandmother, Kate James.
Kate James: Portrait of a Texas Pioneer